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Experience the Nova: the market's smallest hearing aid, blending near-invisibility with robust performance.

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1 Year Warranty FDA Registered In Stock

Better Hearing, Better Living

The SoundLift Nova is more than just a hearing aid, it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Experience near-invisibility, rechargeability, and background noise reduction with this innovative device.

Clear speech at the restaurant

Experience crystal-clear speech in bustling surroundings with cutting-edge noise reduction features that enhance speech clarity, making conversations more discernible.

Green cardstock box containing white, beige, and brown cards.

Ready on-the-go

Experience the freedom of quick charge technology, allowing you to power up your Nova rapidly, so you can get back to your day with confidence and clarity.

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Discreet style, feel confident

The Nova boasts a sleek and discreet design, providing a subtle and stylish solution for those who value inconspicuous wearability without compromising on performance.

Detail of white today card, beige next card, and brown someday card with dot grid.

Never miss a moment

Stay connected to the moments that matter most. The Nova offers advanced connectivity options, creating lasting memories without missing a single word or giggle.

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Feature Information

SoundLift Nova, the smallest OTC hearing aid in the world, packs an extensive feature list and top-tier tech, providing the clearest of sound.

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100% Rechargeable
The portable charger boasts an impressive battery life of over 30 hours, capable of delivering two full charge cycles before requiring reconnection to a power source.
Multiple Options, Total Control
Press the volume button to adjust each hearing aid's amplification. Hold for 2 seconds to switch between four preset programs, optimizing hearing in various environments.
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Invisible In the Canal
These hearing aids are exceptionally compact, discreetly nestled within the ear canal for a virtually invisible and remarkably comfortable fit.
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16 DSP Channels
Leveraging advanced 16-channel Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, these hearing aids provide precise and sophisticated audio signal processing, resulting in a highly nuanced and individually tailored auditory experience.
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Background Noise Reduction
Sporting a digital interface and a microphone array, the SoundLift Nova excels in background noise reduction and feedback cancellation. Say goodbye to beeps and whistling.
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Unpack, Charge Up, Hear

SoundLift employs premium, nonintrusive techniques in crafting our packaging. Resilient against shocks and environmentally mindful, we endeavor to deliver the epitome of auditory excellence in a compact, budget-friendly package.

✓ FDA-registered SoundLift Nova hearing aids
✓ Portable charging case
✓ USB-C charging cable
✓ Charger wall adapter
✓ Replacement comfort sleeves
✓ Cleaning brush tool
✓ User instruction manual
✓ 45-day risk-free trial
✓ 100% money back guarentee
✓ FREE shipping
✓ FREE lifetime support
Walnut card tray with white powder coated steel divider and 3 punchout holes.